Track & Trace without charging

A revolutionary tracker with nationwide coverage and a battery life of 2 years*

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* Battery life of 2 years is based on 25 updates per day. The use of GPS is equivalent to 200 updates.

The new standard for
track & trace

All components are selected carefully and merged into a revolutionary design. The optimal collaboration between the hardware and software provide an amazing user experience, without worrying about charging.

National LoRa coverage

The ioTracker works with every LoRa network. In our webshop you can buy a subscription for the KPN, Swisscom or TTN network.

Energy efficient

Smart, innovative, energy efficient techniques ensure a 2-year battery life.


The ioTracker is designed and produced in the Netherlands and is made the best components

Multiple possibilities

The ioTracker can be used by or is compatible with many applications

Location determination

Track the location with an accuracy up to 50 meter via LoRa or WiFi. You can activate the GPS function through the app for an accuracy up to 2 meter.

Alarm button & Buzzer

By pressing the button, you’ll receive an alarm notification in the app. The buzzer provides a sound which helps you find the ioTracker


The ioTracker contains a temperature sensor (0,2 °C accuracy) and a light sensor (0,01 lux tot 83 klux)



You can receive messages of important events on your smart phone of e-mail, for example when someone pressed the button or when the battery is low. You can receive notifications in the event of any activity on the ioTracker, for example someone pressing the button.


The ioTracker is waterproof upto a depth of 1 meter, for a duration of 2 hours (IP68)


You’re able to put a virtual fence around an area and receive notifications when your ioTracker is located in- or outside this area. Currently, geofences only work well with good reception.

User-friendly apps for any device

Compatible with mobile (Android / iOS), tablet and laptop / PC.

Price & Subscription

We offer 1 subscription, packed with functionalities.


ioTracker 2 + Subscription

€ 85 + starting at € 1,98 p/m

We offer 1 subscription, packed with functionalities.

  • ioTracker 2 + All described functionalities
  • KPN, Swisscom or The Things Network LoRa subscription
  • LoRa localization service
  • Use of the ioTracker dashboard, apps and API
  • Online support

ioTracker 2 + Abonnement

€ 85 + vanaf € 1,98 p/m

Één product en abonnement, boordevol functionaliteiten:

  • ioTracker 2 + alle beschreven functionaliteiten
  • KPN, Swisscom of The Things Network LoRa abonnement
  • LoRa localisatiedienst
  • Gebruik van de ioTracker dashboard, apps en API
  • Online ondersteuning

Security & Privacy

Security and privacy are guaranteed with the ioTracker and the corresponding systems. Your personal information will never be given to third parties and are secured with encrypted communication and storage. The ioTracker systems are accommodated exclusively in European datacenters and the corresponding security is continuously evaluated and updated. Please let us know, if you find a weak spot in one of our systems. You can find more information about this, in our responsible disclosure procedure.


In case you have any questions, please fill out the form below. We aim to respond within 24 hours.